Nov 14, 2008

Jollibee: Every Child's Bestfriend

Jollibee is every child's bestfriend. And in more ways than one, we could say that it's every mom's "close friend". Ilang bata na ba ang napatahan at napangiti just by the mere mention of the magic word "Jollibee". (Tahan na, kakain tayo sa Jollibee, ayaw mo ba sumama?) Ilang bata na ba ang nadisiplina sa pamamagitan ni Jollibee [Pag mabait ka, pupunta tayo sa Jollibee sa Sabado)? Ilang bata na ba ang tumaas ang grades dahil sa Jollibee (Pag mataas ang grades mo, ibibili kita ng kiddie meal (me toy e)] We should all be thankful that we Filipinos have Jollibee. It has made the life of most moms and dads easier and the days of the children happier and more exciting. Malling on weekends and celebrating birthdays has become a much awaited event for kids just with the thought of eating out in Jollibee.

Just like any kid, Basti and Sam love Jollibee, but Sam has formed a stronger attachment to Jollibee than Basti ever had. Basti loves the toys and the chicken and spaghetti. Sam loves Jollibee Sphag but truly dearly adores Jollibee, the mascot. Oh, those big awesome eyes and red and yellow outfit! He even has 2 Jollibee stuff toys that he brings with him everywhere he goes. The oldest one, he's been carrying since he was 1. It is so old and so used that the face is cracked and looked like a rag already. He can't sleep without it. There was a time when he left it at home and his Lola had to get it from us in the middle at the night riding a tricycle from their house to our house and back because Sam can't sleep. Now, Sam has a new Jollibee given to him by his Tita Bhe which he keeps at his Lola’s house (in case of emergency- LOL). He still prefers the old one though.

Before he turned three, his Tita Bhe again gave him a Picachu stuff toy, the kind that we put on the back window of a car. He came home with it one day and did not even look at or touched his Jollibee friend. We thought that at last, he has outgrown Jollibee! We can't believe that Jollibee has been replaced! We were wrong. The next day he's back to Jollibee again and just looks at his Picachu friend with wonder every now and then.

I would say that Jollibee has a very positive on Sam. His Jollibee stuff toy is like his best friend. It's his comfort zone. He learned how to read all the letters of the alphabet just by watching Jollibee CDs. They used to sell these CDs some years ago. We have copies that we bought for Basti and which Sam discovered just last summer. He danced to the music and sang the songs with Nash and company. Then we reinforced his new interest in letters by letting him play with his Kuya Basti's Vtech computer. Thankfully before summer ended, although he doesn't talk straight, he knows how to read the letters of the alphabet. All because of his love for Jollibee. Thank God for Jollibee and Vtech. I recommend these products to all mothers out there.