Nov 28, 2008

Simon Starts Teething

It seems Simon is already teething. Teething starts at around 6 months but it can begin as early as three months. So this must be normal.

I checked on the symptoms. Fussy, yes. Does not want to drink milk, yes. Gums swollen, yes. When we looked at his gums, it's all sore and swollen. Biting, definitely yes. He loves to bite my mother’s shoulder blades or his hands. He could take in his whole fist in his mouth! It seems he does not want his pacifier anymore. We put it in and then he takes it off, and sucks on his hands instead.

So off I went in search of a good teether to help him through this "difficult" stage. I went to SM and saw many kinds of teether. I can't decide on which one to buy. Price ranges from P49 to P110. I settled for the P59 one since the saleslady at SM told me the only difference is the brand. I also do not want to buy the most expensive one (though they look better and softer) because I'm afraid that Simon might not like the teether after all, and not use it. I bought his brothers different kinds of teether some years back hoping that they'd gnaw on it but no luck. So this time, I am wiser mom.

In the past three days, I have bought 3 teethers. Not a wise mom, after all, huh. The first one was never used. My mom boiled it thinking it's the kind that can be boiled. The second one was too big and hard for Simon's delicate gums. And the third one, I bought yesterday. It's round but still too big for Simon. I would like to believe that it's not because Simon does not like the teether per se, it's because he does not like the ones that I bought.

So I'm still in search for a perfect teether for Simon. I'll try another one like I did with my two other kids (Di na natuto!) but this would be the last time. If he still doesn't want to bite on the next teether I'll buy, I’ll just settle on Xylogel (if the doctor will permit it) to soothe his swollen gums.