Nov 10, 2008

Baby Simon at 3 Months

Today SiMon is Three Months Old. How time flies. It's already 3 months since I gave birth. From the time he's born, Simon has given us so much happiness. He's such a joy to be with. He started smiling and cooing very early, at 1 month and 10 days, while he was in the hospital. And the fun has been nonstop since then.

According to an article I read at Yahoo Health , a baby should be able to do these things by the end of the three months :

  • Smile when you appear (He senses when someone's coming in the door. He'll turn he's head in that direction, ready with his smile.)
  • Begin to babble (He does not babble yet but he shrieks and coos a whole lot!)
  • Imitate sounds (Check on that.Sometimes we have the feeling he's trying to speak, hehehe)
  • Move his or her eyes toward the direction of sound (He'll follow you with his eyes waiting for you to talk to him, and when you do, he'll smile and shriek with glee.)
Furthermore, babies between 1-4 months, become alert to sounds by blinking or widening eyes; may start to be awakened by noise, become startled, or turn toward a sound to look for its source.(Oh yeah, he knows exactly where I am as soon as I speak out loud). Will quiet to their mother's voice. (Which is really true, he cries so much when his fathers holding him and stops when I take over.)

Base on all that, Simon is right on schedule. And there's more....

Simon started lying on his side last November 6. I did not notice at first. I was sleeping beside him. I woke up and saw his face, he's smiling again; his face turned to me. I drifted off to sleep but suddenly was awakened with the realization that it's not just his face that's turned to my direction . It's his whole body! I sat down and there he was lying on his side! Smiling at me, looking like proud of himself. It's another smilestone (sabi nga ni kris) for Simon ! Hooray!
Simon loves posing for the camera. Here are the proof....