Oct 17, 2008

Big Brother Sam

Finally, basti and sam are certified kuyas to simon rex . it has been 2 months since i gave birth to simon rex. at first , sam who used to be youngest wouldn't even look at the baby. everytime simon cries, he would cry also, bringing attention to himself. he wouldn't even go near simon as if simon is a monster that he's afraid of. but now, he comes near simon often, looks at his face in wonder, and seems amazed when the baby smiles at him. yes, simon the baby, already responds when talked to as early as 1 month and 10 days. now he laughs and screams with glee at times. 

whenever we talk about simon, sam would say "baby" and points at him. he has also become mama's little helper. he would bring the bottle to me whenever i asked him to. when he's not too busy playing, he would bring me simon's diaper even before i asked him too. he's ever alert with the going-ons inside the house. he's careful with his movements when he's around simon. once when we put sam down on the bed and not on the crib, he accidentally stepped on him. Of course, simon cried and sam did not cry, but it seems that he knew that he had done something terribly wrong while horsing around with his kuya basti and looked guilty for a few days, always looking at the baby in odd sort of way. once we caught him tiptoeing around simon's crib so as not to wake him up, afraid that he'll step on him again. at early age, it kinda show his concern and love for his little baby brother, which makes me and his papa very happy.

i was worried before that Sam might feel left out with the baby around. we really paid special attention to him to make sure that he wouldn't feel that he's not part of everything anymore. and our efforts paid off, thank God. some of the things that we did is to make him feel important by assigning task to him. soon enough, he became mama's little helper. another thing is that when he's around and we are talking to the baby, we talk about him, our kuya sam, so that he will hear that even if our attention is with simon, we are also thinking of him on the side. this makes him happy judging by the look he gives us and the baby. we also play a lot with him, especially his mama tess, and nights, his papa and kuya. we are happy that with some efforts, we can see that Sam has adjusted wonderfully to having a new baby in the house.

indeed, little sam is now big brother Sam.